Traditional Acupuncture

What Is It?

Traditional Acupuncture is a holistic therapy originating in the Far East over 2,000 years ago and is a branch of Chinese Medicine.  Based on health and good function, it maintains that Qi (vital energy) runs throughout the body in a complex network of inter-relating meridians.  When Qi flows smoothly in all directions the body, mind and emotions are nourished and work in harmony and you enjoy good health.  When this flow is disturbed, perhaps due to injury or trauma, stress or poor nutrition, imbalance occurs and pain or illness appear.


Thus, acupuncture treatments work to restore the body's equilibrium which means that it is always focused on you as an individual.  Your symptoms are considered in relation to each other and in the context of your physical, mental and emotional states and this gives a unique picture.  It also explains why two people with an identical Western diagnosis may receive different acupuncture treatment.


Your Initial Consultation

At your first appointment, I will ask you detailed questions about your specific symptoms and general health, such as sleep patterns, digestion and allergies.  If you are a woman, we will also discuss your periods and hormones.  Once I have felt your pulses on both wrists and looked at your tongue, I will make a diagnosis according to traditional Chinese Medicine patterns and this will form the basis of your individualised treatment plan.


The Treatment

I will insert fine, sterile single use needles into a few acupuncture points and leave them in for about 20 minutes.   The needles are so fine that frequently nothing much is felt when they are inserted.


Moxa (stimulating acupuncture points with heat), cupping (a painless way of relieving very tight muscles or moving stagnant Qi in acupuncture speak) and auricular acupuncture may also be used.


A treatment plan will be discussed with you as not everyone requires the same number of treatments.  Typically, four appointments one week apart are recommended at the outset, after which we review progress.  The majority of my patients decide to continue treatment but at a frequency which is suitable for their needs; this can vary from weekly to three monthly.

Can It Help Me?

As Acupuncture works by stimulating your body’s natural ability to rebalance and heal itself, anyone can benefit from treatment and so the short answer is, yes.

However, for a more comprehensive overview of how acupuncture can help you and to find out what does it treat, please click here


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