Remedial Massage - What Is It?

Remedial Massage is a deep tissue massage used to treat injuries and conditions arising from muscular problems and tension.

What Does It Do?

A deep massage will:


  • Work on the soft tissues (muscles, tendons and ligaments) to improve muscle tone.

  • Increase the circulation, both in the area being massaged and throughout the body generally.  This increased blood supply will bring extra oxygen and nutrients to the muscles.

  • Assist lymphatic flow.  This will improve the elimination of waste from the body.

  • Reduce muscle tension.  Tight neck muscles, besides being painful, can restrict blood flow and be one of the underlying causes of tension headaches.

  • Induce a feeling of general relaxation.


What Happens During Treatment?

At your first appointment we will discuss the history of the problem for which you are seeking treatment and examine any relevant restrictions in your range of movement.   This will then be followed by a treatment.


Overall, remedial massage is relaxing.  However, unlike a purely relaxing massage, it does focus on tender and painful areas and therefore it can leave you feeling sore in places for 24 - 48 hours.


The prime purpose of remedial massage is to reduce pain and restore the balance of your muscular system and therefore, in addition to massage, you may be treated using the Chinese cupping technique.  This is a tremendously effective and relatively painless way of increasing the circulation in particularly tight muscles and involves placing glass cups with a vaccum seal over the tight muscle and leaving it in position for a few minutes.


Who Is It For?

Remedial massage is suitable for all age groups and I see people ranging in age from 20's to late 80's.  Although the treatment will be targetting problem areas in all, regardless of age, the techniques used will differ according to age, muscle mass and the relative strength of the person receiving treatment.  A rugby player will receive a vastly different treatment from an older and more frail person, but they will both feel as though their muscles have been worked.



Should you have any queries about whether treatment would be appropriate, please do either ring me directly or email me using the contact details on the left.  Alternatively, click on contact me to complete a query form.


Practitioner Information


My name is Liz Wynn and I practise both remedial massage and acupuncture.  I completed my first general massage training in London in 1986 and then followed this up by training in remedial massage with the Northern Institute of Massage.


I am a full member of the British Acupuncture Council and am recognised and insured through them as a qualified remedial massage therapist.  The regulations of the Council guarantee excellence in training, safe practice and professional conduct.


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